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A Prayer to Pray When You Can’t Sleep


Sometimes when we find ourselves awakened in the middle of the night, worry, fear, and struggles can press hard. Peace feels far away. It’s difficult to even think with clarity; too many thoughts and feelings are swirling around in the dark. And it’s in those very moments when we most need to pray, that often we can hardly find the words to speak.

But God knows. He understands. And He promises to be with us.

A few years ago when our family was walking through a very difficult trial, I found myself there. Night after night, I was awakened by this deep hurt and burden in my heart. In fact, it seemed worse at night. Because problems and difficult times can easily feel more intense in the middle of the darkness and quiet, when you can’t sleep, or you feel alone, and your mind becomes a battlefield.

I prayed, cried, and wrestled with my thoughts and fears. And truly, the only thing I found that brought peace and comfort to my soul was God’s Word.

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