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Reach Out to Jesus


How did you find Him as Savior? How did you find Him as Lord? You took time to seek Him. You fell at His feet and cried, “I’m a sinner. I’m lost!” You wanted Him to look at you just as you were, not at what He could make you into. “I’m a hopeless, lost sinner!” you cried.

“Oh, God, have mercy upon my soul. Oh, God, the storm is raging and I’m lost! Soon I’ll be eternally lost; soon I’ll be out of your loving reach, out of reach of even you, Lord. Oh, God, for Christ’s sake help me! I will love you. I will serve you; I will do anything for you.” Then it happened. He said to your storm-tossed life and soul, “Peace, be still.”


The calm came; serenity was yours. Such peace came over you that for the moment you felt as though you would never need anything else. Why? Because you had accepted for the moment all of His mercy that was needed to wash away all of your sins, all of His mercy to make you a new creation in Christ Jesus.

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