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A prayer to for everyone who has to go to work

As I go to work,
Be with me Lord.
Be the patience when I’m frustrated.
Be the endurance when I am tired.
Be the wisdom when I am uncertain.
Be the inspiration when I’m out of ideas.
Be the peacemaker when I feel hurt.
Be the comforter when I feel overwhelmed.
Be the energy when I am weary.
Be the guide when I am confused.
Be the forgiver when I get it wrong.
Be with me Lord, today.

In Jesus name, Amen

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  1. I want everyone to know that the Roho sermon and Daily scriptures have been a Blessing to my life. I’ve been experiencing some difficult moments walking as a Christian. I now know that at difficult times in my life, God has taught me to Glorify his name and to spread Gospel to people while walking through Life struggles. I couldn’t even think about myself, and was so concern about others to show how he was Blessing to my life. The Lord had me to reflect on my most difficult situations every time I witness to someone, and How it was the my Father in Heaven who carried me through. He took me from abusive relationship, made me accountable for my action, He is still healing my children from the brokenness they experience while being in a abusive relationship, and brought 4 children through a broken School District graduating, and my oldest graduated from College, and yet is more to come. All as a single Mom. God has been great in my life, and I’m a living witness to bad decision, and brokenness. God can use your life as a testimony to his Gospel. So, when life storms arrive, I just call on Jesus he is my provider, and the only one I truly count on.

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