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A Prayer for Energy to the Weary


Dear God,

Thank You for your kindness. Help me choose grace instead of guilt or shame! My identity is secure in You, and today I will choose to rest in Your love for me.

Lifter of my Soul, come to me now with Your consolation and support. I am tired and worn out, feeling like I can’t go on. Oh my Lord, please renew my strength as I wait on You. May I rise up on wings like eagles.

Out of the depths, I cry to You; hear my voice and be attentive to my plea for help. In Your Word and Your mercy, I place my hope. Come to me now, my God of loving devotion. Amen

Energized Prayer

Prayer is like a lamp. We can turn it on and off, on and off, but if it is not plugged in to the power source, if it is not energized, nothing will happen.

Every prayer we pray is either energized or it is not. When it is, we are letting loose an earthshaking power.Jam 5:16 tells us that “the effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.” A better translation of that would be: “the energized prayer of any believer has great power.” The word “effective” comes from energeo, the root of our word “energy;” it means “to energize.” The word “accomplish” is ischuos, the strongest of five Greek words for power. It means “applied power, demonstrated power.”

God will demonstrate His power through the energized prayer of His children.The “righteous man” is anyone who has been imputed with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Because we are in Christ, we have access to God 24 hours a day for the rest of our lives (Heb 4:16). In Jam 5:17, the Lord’s brother reinforces the principle that anyone’s prayers can be powerful when he says that “Elijah was a man with a nature like ours. That is an extremely important little statement.

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