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A Prayer for Spiritual Power


Oh, God, today help us to live with faith. May it not be said of us that our faith is too small, or to help us to look to You, to see in You, Your infinite power. Your infinite glory, and greatness, and grander, and majesty, Your infinite ability. Keep us, oh God, from trusting in our power. Help us to trust in Your power. Help us to pray accordingly as we pray, even right now. God, help us to realize we’re talking to You, the king of the universe that has all authority and all power, who’s sovereignly ruling and reigning over all things. Help us not to underestimate You in our praying. As we pray for others, as we serve others, help us to do that cognizant of Your power.

Many people want spiritual power active in their life but one must understand the source of this power in order to experience it. Spiritual power is a function of one’s spiritual capacity. A believer’s spiritual capacity is the result of spiritual intimacy. This intimacy is created through abiding with Christ and sharing His love in tangible ways with other believers. The greater the relationship one cultivates with Christ, the greater the capacity to receive His power.

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