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A Prayer for When You Feel Disappointment


Dear Lord,

You know the prayers I have prayed and the answers I cannot yet see. I bring my discouragement to you and pray that you will renew my hope again. Help me remember prayer is less about getting specific answers and more about developing a relationship with you.

Father, teach me to pray so that my heart is focused on you more than on the results I am hoping for. Show me promises from your word that speak to my situation and give me discernment to understand whether my prayer aligns with your Word or not.

In Jesus’ Name Amen

Many are in the hospital as a result of constant disappointments in life. Some people blame others for their disappointments and frustration. Many people are supposed to be doing great things in life, but when they do not see who to help them or the person they had depended on, along the line, disappointed them.

We have many that fall into the trap of ‘disappointments at the edge of breakthrough.’ When God is about to perform great miracle in their life, that’s when they will be disappointed to go or do a thing. Any disappointment that cannot be changed through prayers, can chain the person. Many parents are disappointed over their children’s attitude.

Many partners are being disappointed through parental decision over their marriage. That’s why they jump from one relationship to the other. You can decide today to put a permanent stop to this seed of disappointments. Enemies on the rage to work against your plans, marriage, and finance.‎‎ If you discover you are not where you should be in life and that you have been trying to work on things and they are not working.

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