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Admitting Imperfections and Turning Them for Love


Dear Lord, I thank you for your love for me and for seeing beyond my faults and weaknesses. Help me to be slow to speak and quick to listen. Help me to show to others, the same grace, compassion and mercy that you show to me. Help me to love with your love and to be a source of encouragement to all around me. I commit this day to you and all that’s in it. Amen
Yours in Christ,

No Putting on Airs

The people we admire most do not put on airs. They do not pretend to be better than they are. If they blunder, they admit it. We do not like pretense or sham or hypocrisy. We like reality. Imperfect people who are honest about their flaws are more likeable, more believable, than even more accomplished people who won’t admit their flaws.

Paul was in a very elite group of people—the apostles of Jesus Christ. He did not sign up for this. He said he had been set apart for it by God before he was born: “He . . . set me apart before I was born, and . . . called me by his grace” (Gal. 1:15). To be an apostle meant that he had seen the risen Lord Jesus and had been commissioned by him to speak on his behalf with his authority. This is why his writings have such authority for Christians.

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