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After the Storm the Sun Will Shine Again


Look for the blessings in the storm.

Rain is nourishing. Water is cleansing.

Yet, too much rain causes flooding. Big storms cause destruction.

Where is your focus in the storm?

Choose to look for the blessings in your storms. How is the storm cleansing and refining you? Where do you see God more clearly in these trials? How is this bringing out the best in you and in those around you?

God doesn’t punish us with the storms of life, but he does ride them out with us. He can use them to make us new – to refine and remodel us through the process. 

Take hope! After the storm comes the calm.

Maybe you’re living through a storm. Maybe the rains haven’t let up in your life for longer than you care to remember. Maybe what began as an annoyance or small problem has turned into much more. Maybe you’ve been caught by a sudden, raging storm that’s showing no signs of letting up.

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