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Breaking Free of the Comparison trap


Lord Jesus, we confess that we frequently compare ourselves to other people. We do it usually without even thinking about it. We think, “I’m glad I’m not like that person!” or “I wish I had that guy’s money,” or “I wish my body looked like that.” Lord, that’s not your will for our lives. That’s a signal that our hearts need to change more. Holy Spirit, continue your work in us so that we focus on what really matters in the World, and that is our relationship with you, Jesus. Lord, help us to be ever-mindful of the fact that, without you, we’re nothing! Without you as the focal point in our lives, we can’t do anything worthwhile. Lord, we want to give you the credit in our hearts and with out lips. We want to glorify you always and forever. Thank you, Jesus. We love you.

In learning to live in freedom from constant comparison, I discovered again and again that such a deep-seated habit won’t change overnight. Sometimes articles and books make promises such as “Five Steps to Success” or “21 Days to Freedom!” I’ve learned through hard experience that those are empty promises. Real, lasting change takes time.

But change is possible. If you’re worried that you’ll never break free from constantly comparing yourself to others, take heart! There is a path to freedom, and it’s paved with prayer.

Ask for God’s help

As you learn to walk in the security of the knowledge that you are God’s beloved child, you will still be tempted to compare yourself with others, so you’ll need a method to combat the temptation, right in the moment of trial. The best tool I’ve found is to ask for God’s help—to prevail upon God’s strength to accomplish what I’m too weak to do on my own. I’m not surprised that Paul exhorted his readers to “pray without ceasing” (I Thessalonians 5:17) and to “continue steadfastly in prayer” (Colossians 4:2, ESV).

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