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Christ is the Foundation


Maybe you’re thinking, But I have no idea what my purpose is. God hasn’t revealed it to me yet. But today I want to tell to Be encouraged! While you are waiting for Christ to reveal His entire plan for you, you can still build on the foundation and that foundation is Christ.

So many of us get caught up in trying to figure out what’s next and saying lord if you don’t give me a sign then I don’t know what to do next, but maybe in this season of your life, God is simply telling you to have the courage and take a leap of faith. I know that seems crazy, but remember we do serve a God that can do the impossible.

Maybe the revelation about your purpose is in the next step you take or in taking the action to go to a place God is calling you to. I know it can be difficult in trying to figure your purpose, but my challenge to you is to take a leap of faith, pray, seek wise counsel and know that God will reveal his purpose for you in time, but until then you have to have the courage to keep going forward. 

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