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Clear Direction From God Is Found In Our Obedience


God, you are the love of my soul. You are kind, you are the only true King. You are the only true God, and I put myself in your hands. You have turned your eyes to me. You believed me and were happy with me. God, you long for unity with me and improve the work you have begun in me. You are a loving Father; you know me well. You know how you created me. You know what steps are planned for my future. Because you know everything, and I trust you so I can rest in your shadow. God, since you love me, I can trust that your intentions are beneficial to me. Also, when I don’t see, understand, or worry, I can believe your truth. Your plans are the best for me, and you will be faithful. Amen.

Aside from all the various temptations and fiery darts aimed at our different weaknesses, one of the most prevalent conflicts we face as believers is that between the wisdom of God and the wisdom of the world. It’s a powerful battle that rages constantly, because we’ve been blessed with a strong ability for reason, logic, problem-solving, and effective thought. Every faculty we possess is a gift from God, a reflection of His nature in us. If surrendered to Him – if taken captive to the obedience of Christ – our minds can work with our spirits rather than against them. If not, we find ourselves torn between the often seemingly crazy logic that defines the things of God – His wisdom – and the excessive logic of the world which stuffs us into prescribed parameters. As believers, one of the most critical needs we face is for clear direction from God – which path to walk, how, and when, and even, sometimes, who with.

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