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Does God Intervene in our Lives?


Story by T.W., a ROHO member since 2019

My friend Bob, a retired lawyer, is a lifelong Christian and regular church-goer. But like me, he considers himself a skeptic. That may be why he’s a regular reader of this blog, one of whose principle aims is to assert that skepticism and faith are not mutually exclusive.

We meet regularly over coffee and discuss mostly religion and politics, society’s two most taboo subjects. We’ve often discussed the subject of God’s intervention in our lives: Does he/she or doesn’t he/she?

We agree that God doesn’t do so often, if at all. Bob leans firmly toward the “not at all,” saying he’d like to believe otherwise but his interpretation of history and the facts prevents him from doing so. He believes God hasn’t intervened in human history since the death of Jesus. I believe that God has intervened and, on occasion, still does.

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