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Forgiveness — Hope for the Broken-Hearted


Dear heavenly Father, I have been hurt by deceit. I know that the devil often operates in half-truths, and it appears he has a foothold over certain people in my life. I ask for both clarity in my situation and the ability to forgive as you have forgiven me for the lies in the past I have told.

Oh how our hearts struggle to forgive wholly and fully. We thank You for demonstrating such forgiveness by graciously extending it to us. Help us forgive freely and let go of bitterness, and grant us the strength to trust Your way is best. 

thank You for forgiving me and bringing me back into relationship with You. Thank You for sending Your Son to die on the cross to show us the true meaning of forgiveness. Help me to show that same forgiveness to others, so they can see You living in me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

   In all of the trials that life encompases, we can experience victory through Christ. If we have a frail ability to believe that anyone could truly love us; if we are afflicted with a disability that presents additional problems to us in life; if we are overwhelmed with shame over something we do, or have done, that we know is wrong, we can experience victory. If we have a deep hurt that haunts us, that we have not truly been able to forgive, we can still experience victory. Nothing is ever hopeless with God.

   I believe that we are to praise God in advance, even before the victory, in faith that He will bring it to pass. The Bible does say to thank Him, because He gives us victory through Jesus:

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