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Gentleness: Christ on Display in our Every Day


Tender Jesus, so meek, so mild, teach us to be like You in all our ways. Teach us kindness, gentleness, generosity, and to be giving, forgiving, loving and caring. Teach us to follow in Your humble footsteps. Guide us to the place You want us to be, take control. Mold and shape us into the brilliant beings we were always destined to become.

Help me O God, because like all the children of men, I need your daily grace. Yesterday’s blessings can encourage but will not take care of the burdens of today.

May I know Thee as the Shepherd of my life and eternal soul. May my fears be dissolved by faith in Thee and through the power of Thy love.

Help me to love and manifest the spirit of love under all circumstances to all people. May my life be a glory to Thyself, a help to my fellow-man and rewarding to me.

In Jesus’ name,


Have you ever stepped into an emotional or relational landmine? Suddenly a passing comment or simple exchange takes on a wartime feel and you find yourself dodging verbal bullets, seemingly out of nowhere.

At moments like these, our souls long for a touch of gentleness. A remembrance that we are only human, the frail dust of the earth.

Contrast this with an experience where someone reaches out in gentleness. Perhaps just as the store clerk is checking out your purchases, you realize that one of your items must be exchanged and both the clerk and the person in line behind you offer a gentle smile and a kind word of mercy and compassion.

What a difference gentleness can make!

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