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Giving Life to Your Dreams

Watch Sermon Below: The Gift of Tears by Dr. Cynthia Hale

God has amazing plans for our lives. He created us to have goals and dreams, to continually reach for more in our life in Christ.  

When God gives you a dream, it’s like becoming pregnant: you conceive (think or imagine) a vision or idea of the “new thing” He’s planned for you. Then, after conception, you go through a season of “pregnancy”—a time of growth and preparation for your dream to become reality.  

In the beginning, when you’re making plans to live out your dream, it’s exciting and easy to be enthusiastic about the process. But those emotions can’t be the driving force of your determination because they will subside over time. Ecclesiastes 5:3 AMPC says, For a dream comes with much business and painful effort.… 

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