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God Favors Me



Why do we do the things we do When it hurts you, I’d never understand why.  We’re at a place in our lives.  Where I’m tired of all the lies, And the pain I feel inside.  I wanna make it right, I have nothing else to give,  except my life.  Please accept this offering,  I present my body, my sacrifice, holy…I’m Running back to you, With my hands lifted high I give you my heart, And I give you my life. I don’t mean to be emotional, But sometimes I cry,  When I think of all the pain, that I caused you inside.  But you still love me.You still love me. Seven times Seventy You forgave me.  And you do this daily,  I don’t ever want to take advantage of your grace, And the sacrifice you’ve made. 

I gotta make it right..I have nothing else to give except my life… Please accept my Offering I present my body, my sacrifice. Holy… I’m running back to You, with my hands lifted high I give You my heart, and I give You my life.   I don’t mean to be emotional. But You have been so Good to me God.   Your Love is Unbelievable, Your Love is so Amazing, Your Love is Unconditional At the end of the day, GOD loves me. 

Sometimes I cry, When I think of all the pain, that I cause You inside, But You still love me.  Thank You God.  In Jesus Christ name I pray, Amen.   

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