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God Wants to Surprise You


1. Surprised by Jesus

John 2:1-25

The ministry of Jesus was full of surprises. Jesus is constantly calling you to go deeper in your life with him. He wants to surprise you in new ways.

  • Surprisingly enriching
    Some might be surprised that not only were Jesus and his disciples invited to parties (like this wedding banquet), they actually accepted and went along. Perhaps what is even more surprising is that rather than condemning those drinking wine, Jesus transformed over 120 gallons of bath water into the very best wine (v.10).

Simply letting Jesus know what the problem was (‘They have no more wine’, v.3) and then following his instructions (‘do whatever he tells you’, v.5) led to this surprising miracle. Jesus not only answered the need, but he answered it beyond anything they could have expected or even imagined. The master of the banquet was surprised when he ‘tasted the water that had been turned into wine’ (v.9).

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