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God’s Ways Are Not Man’s Ways


Some people easily doubt God because they don’t really know Him. God is not a man; He does not think like a man. Unless you really yield to His Word and learn about Him, you tend to expect God to behave the way man behaves. God tells you about Himself in His Book.

Learn to know God in His great work—God who waited over one hundred years for a family to build an ark. Become aware of the patience and love of God. Learn to know a God who told Abraham to offer his son as a burnt sacrifice on Mount Moriah, a God who said, “Moses, here is a rod; take it and stand before Pharaoh, and you will see miracles.”

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When God was ready, He separated the waters of the Red Sea; and people walked through on dry ground. He didn’t build bridges; He didn’t provide ships. He performed a miracle.

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