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How to Move Forward When You Feel Stuck


Start with this Prayer

O heavenly Lord,

I’m spinning my wheels. I’m stuck in my tracks. I’m not where I want to be.

Help me, O Lord!

Show me first that in Christ I am always free. My soul is safe.

Let my strength and confidence come from you, O Lord. And if I must wait give me patience and grace. Prepare me for what is to come.

And then…

Break wide open the chains binding me, holding me back.

Strike down the enemy trying to tie me up with his lies.

Free my mind, O Lord, show me a new direction. Reveal to me again the right path in Christ Jesus.

Make me nimble and quick, decisive and sure. May your Spirit prepare the

way to new pastures and deeper joy.

In Jesus name I pray,


We all make bad choices from time to time, but after you make a bad choice remember that you can still make the choice to move on. Too many people feel like they have to stay captive to their bad decision forever. But you don’t have to choose to make your place of pain permanent. You can learn from the bad decision and use what you learned to make better choices.

God doesn’t want you to stay stuck in a miserable situation. 

Today’s sermon teaches us that you might be going through hell, but you can keep going.

Going through and getting stuck are two different things. If you’re going through hell right now on your job or with your family start looking for you’re way out.

Pray for direction and guidance on how to make the situation better. Most importantly, believe that it won’t always be like this. Better days are just over the horizon. All you have to do is choose to keep moving.

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