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How to Overcome, with God on your Side


Dear Lord,

Thank you for the challenges in life that help to build my strength.

Thank you for the times when my lack of resources reminds me of the value of resourcefulness.

Thank you for the mysterious people who confound, frustrate and annoy me, teaching me patience and the art of forgiveness.

Thank you for the moments when I am in desperate need of a miracle, and at the very last moment, from an unexpected source, one arrives.

Thank you for the difficult path that only I can walk, the challenging problems that you have prepared for me to solve and the purpose that you have for my life.

Thank you for the moments of courage that you give me so that I can live a life of meaning, not comfort.

Thank you for the moments when I am aware of my many faults, not so that I can wallow in guilt, but so that I can tap into your grace and mercy.

Thank you for sending angels to wrestle with me, building my resilience and teaching me to hold on to what is good.

I pray that you would give me strong ankles for the times when I walk on rocky ground.

I pray that you would give me a strong heart for the times when pain would otherwise break my spirit.

And I pray that even in the darkest night, I will be looking to the light that’s coming.

I pray that I (and my family and friends) may be numbered with the resilient ones.


Life is full of ups and downs. You inevitably will be faced with moments in life that seriously challenge you. These dark moments can leave you feeling frustrated, scared, and broken. You might start to lose some of your faith in God.

However with God, your biggest setbacks can become your biggest comebacks. With God, you can move from being a victim to being a victor. With God, you can navigated the deepest and darkest valleys of life and walk high on the mountain.

As a Christian, it’s important to not let your obstacles in life tear you away from your faith. Instead, these are the moments where you need faith the most. If you are stuck in a pit of despair, don’t let yourself give up. Reach out and call God’s name. He is there right beside you.

Here are some key strategies you can use to help overcome your obstacles with 

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