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How to See God’s Purpose in Your Disappointment


When people let you down, it hurts. But feeling like God isn’t even on your side wounds so much deeper. Especially when you pour your heart out begging him to help and it seems as if He’s light years away.  

Up until the morning my dad abandoned me, I’d grown up believing if I learned God’s Word, lived inside His will, and trusted Him, everything would work out. He would take care of me. Protect me. Keep me safe and whole and happy. 

A Prayer for When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Lord, Your ways aren’t our ways. It sounds so simple. I’ve memorized the verse. But help those words sink in. Show me Your perspective through Your eyes. Help me to see that while I’m a small part of the bigger picture You have planned, you love me and I’m part of Your purpose. Rather than blame You when things go wrong, help me to remember You’re the only one who’s right there beside me as I crawl through the fire. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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