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Jesus Brought Peace for Mind and Body


Your bondage may not only be self but another person or demonic powers; you may be under the control of a destructive influence. Bondage is bondage. Some people are bound with the past, some with the present, others with the future; but God’s power, the truth about God can liberate you. Hear His voice of authority and know that He is the same who stood on that boat so long ago to say, “Peace, be still,” and bondage was broken. Peace Be Still can break your bondage, too.

Jesus brought peace to the body as well as the soul when He was here on Earth. Sicknesses, diseases, the bondages of suffering fled when He said, “Peace, be still.”

With His peace, Jesus set free a woman who had been bent over with arthritis. The storm had been raging in this woman for eighteen years. But all Jesus had to say was, “Peace, be still!” and the storm was over for her.

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