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Jesus Understands Your Loneliness


As you work to accomplish great things it is only natural that you begin to wrestle with feelings of loneliness. Often when we do what God calls us to do we don’t get the support and encouragement that we deserve.

Friends and family members fade away and we wonder who will be there to hold us up when we feel like falling apart. Today I need you to receive this word: God is with you. When you feel like you have no one left to lean on you can rest in the arms of Jesus.

Do you ever think of Jesus as lonely? Certainly his moments in Gethsemane and on Calvary were uniquely and terribly lonely, but what about the rest of his life?

In some sense, he may have been the loneliest human in history.

Loneliness is what we feel when we’re isolated from others. Loneliness often has less to do with others’ physical absence and more to do with feeling disconnected or alienated from them. Or misunderstood by them. In fact, these are far more painful species than mere absence, because we feel the isolation of being despised and rejected.

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