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Just When you Least Expect It


Cast all your cares on him, because he cares for you. —1 Peter 5:7 

So often we feel heavily burdened by the pressures of our lives. No one else seems to understand, and most folks simply tell us not to worry—which convinces us that they really don’t understand.  God does understand and does care for us, and wants to support us and help us with our struggles. Many times just knowing that someone else understands what we’re fretting about can be enough to ease the load.

Allow these These Words to enter your spirit

“My life is so short, my God. Please help me to not let it waste away in hard feelings. I am the one who needs to choose to be a loving person. No one else can make me be loving, or make me act in an unloving way, no matter what that person says or does. When I’ve been wronged or feel distressed, let me take a breath and make a decision to respond in love.”   In Jesus name we pray amen.  

God, Here I am Here I stand Lord, my life is in your hands Lord, I’m longing to see Your desires revealed in me. I give myself away, I want to be use by you.  So You can use me.  Take my heart Take my life As a living sacrifice.  All my dreams,  all my plans, Lord, I place them in your hands. My life is not my own,  To you I belong I give myself, I give myself to you.  Use all of me to your glory God.  In the holy name of Jesus Christ we Pray Amen.  

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