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Keep it simple, Saints


Today’s sermon teaches us how to break free from other people’s opinions. Too often we press the pause button on our purpose because we listen to friends and family who don’t believe in our potential and don’t share our dreams.

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You have to learn that the criticism you hear from other people can’t outweigh the directions you hear from God. When God gives you a mission you have to go for it. Let the words of doubters, haters, and naysayers roll off your shoulders while you keep moving forward. Jesus had tons of people doubting him and criticizing him, but he kept walking in God’s will. Follow his example today and break free from other people’s opinions.

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There are times that we will HEAR the promise of God, with no evidence that it will come to pass. God will ALWAYS send a word first. One of the biggest mistakes that Christians make is trying to move and live life without knowledge of God’s plan. So, we’re out here struggling to start this business, finish school, and be in this relationship, that we NEVER consulted God about. We’re facing opposition, because none of it was God-ordained and we still haven’t paused and asked God what he thinks. Here’s the great thing though, that simple act of pausing and surrendering can turn the struggle into a message into a promise. Take time for God to download a supernatural edge to whatever you’re doing.

Note: There are countless examples of the Lord sending a message that seemed utterly ridiculous or impossible (ie. Mary the mother of Jesus and Elizabeth’s pregnancy). Don’t doubt the word if it seems too big or too difficult. To be honest, that’s probably confirmation that it IS actually godly.

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Once the supernatural plan has been delivered, go ahead and declare that thing. This however takes FAITH. Faith calls for you to believe in what is not seen, but only what is heard in the spirit and/or in the Word of God. Think about salvation, we have to believe in our heart that God was raised from the dead, but we also have to CONFESS.

“Wait, Casey, you’re saying my belief isn’t enough”? – You

“Nahhhhh. It’s not. Gots to decree and declare that thing over your life.” – Me

“Why?” – You

The enemy loves to sneak into your thought life and cast doubt. He’ll have you believing that God didn’t actually tell you that and all sorts of other things. Your insecurities creep in and you begin to meditate on all the failures and missteps of your past. Declaring the promise and the word out loud reminds you of God’s power. It reminds your flesh who’s in control.

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Once we HEAR what the Lord is doing, DECLARE His word over ourselves, then we’ll be able to SEE or recognize the blessing. It’s time that we take an active role in our faith. No more wishful, genie in a bottle faith. God has given us tools and blueprints to win, it up to us to put them into practice!

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