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Prayer For Victory Over Disappointments


We ask that you heal our broken hearts and crushed spirits of the disappointments we face everyday. 

Remove the heaviness within our hearts and give us the strength to forgive.Help us to release the past and continue moving forward.

Give us the power to look beyond the disappointments of now and remind us that everything happens for a reason. Remind us that you, oh Father, will make all things work together for our good.

Help us to remember that You always have great things in store for us. Lord, help us to be still and remember that you are God.

Omnipotent Lord, this is where we start our comeback. We will spend no more time reminiscing on our present disappointments.

No more time questioning You as to why doors have been closed, because we’ll be too busy praising you for the magnificent ones that are about to be opened.

Help us to dance in the rain as life’s toughest storms emerge. Give us wisdom, understanding and grace to embrace the wonderful blessings ahead.

We declare that all that was taken away, be replaced with even better, in Jesus mighty name. Amen!!

Have you ever been disappointed when God didn’t show up in the way you expected?

Be honest with me.

I know you might not think it’s “Christian” to be disappointed in God, or maybe you think it shows a lack of faith. But disappointment and frustration are a part of learning the true nature of faith.

I have had big, bold prayers go unanswered. I’ve had dreams crushed, and I’ve seen what I thought was God’s will go unfulfilled. I’ve had to undertake the difficult task of reconciling what I believed about God with the reality of what was happening in my life. So I get it.

It’s ok to be disappointed that God didn’t answer your prayer, or heal your loved one, or take away your hurt. It’s okay to wish things had turned out differently. Disappointment in God can come in a lot of different ways, wether it’s:

  • unanswered prayers
  • the death of a dream
  • the end of a relationship
  • hurt by the in the Church
  • loss of a loved one

I’m sure you could add your own to the list.

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