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I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 3:14

There is a term in running that says” it’s a marathon, not a sprint”. The same can be said about the life of a Christian. Many people do not prepare themselves for the long haul but are quick to jump off the starting line without a goal or purpose and quickly burn out and quit the race. The Bible makes many comparisons between running and living for God. It requires dedication, commitment, and consistent training to reach the finish line. Each day you set out to make new improvements from the day before.

Over time you begin to build a solid foundation of experience that will help you later to overcoming those difficult days when you can not find your stride and feel like giving up. Instead, you press on until you find that sweet spot and can enter into the zone where mind and body become one. Living for God is no different as you must study and discern the word of God by the spirits prompting so that you know which direction to go when you set out. Praying for strength and surrounding yourself with others who are on the same journey and can share the knowledge they have learned along the way to help encourage you to continue. Building strength and stamina in the face of adversity. But this race is not about winning it’s about how strong you finish.

Keeping your eyes on the finish line in order to receive the prize of salvation and complete rest and peace in exchange for all your hard work and dedication. A mighty crown of life and the words well done my good and faithful servant awaits for us at the finish line. May you place your trust in the one who already has won the race and waits to welcome you home with arms wide open.Keith McGivern

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During World War Two, an officer was briefing his men on how to take a certain objective. He demonstrated to them the manner in which they needed to hug the ground so as to stay below enemy fire. He said in conclusion, “If you advance on your knees, you will always be safe.”

That’s what Paul tells us in our text. In 6:10-13, Paul gave us the explanation for the fight: we must be strong in the Lord because we are engaged in a spiritual battle with the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. In 6:14-17, Paul told us the equipment for the fight: the full armor of God, which enables us to stand firm against this powerful enemy. He mentioned the belt of truth; the breastplate of righteousness; the boots of the preparation of the gospel of peace; the shield of faith; the helmet of salvation; and, the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Now (6:18-20), Paul describes the effecting of the fight, that is, how to fight the enemy, namely,

We fight for God against the enemy through prayer.

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