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Remove Obstacles In Your Life and Let God in


Heavenly Father, we sing praises unto Your Precious and Mighty name. We thank You for all You have done. Thank you, Lord, for being there for us and allowing us to cry out to you in those times of need.

Be with us daily Lord, guide us and protect us as we remove obstacles in our way. Lead us along the plain path of righteousness, Oh Heavenly Father. Bless us with Your divine favor and mercy.

Give us strength to persevere and overcome the obstacles in our lives, whether it is of You, to make us stronger or of the evil one who tries to knock us down.

Despite it all, satan’s evil works will not prevail, for the battle is already won and we shall overcome, just as You overcame the world.

Loving King, draw near in these treacherous times. We confess that we need You at this very moment and we cannot gain victory without You.

Remove every obstacle that prevents us from getting closer to You, our merciful Savior, remove them! In Jesus name we pray! Amen!

Life is full of ups and downs. You inevitably will be faced with moments in life that seriously challenge you. These dark moments can leave you feeling frustrated, scared, and broken. You might start to lose some of your faith in God.

However with God, your biggest setbacks can become your biggest comebacks. With God, you can move from being a victim to being a victor. With God, you can navigated the deepest and darkest valleys of life and walk high on the mountain.

As a Christian, it’s important to not let your obstacles in life tear you away from your faith. Instead, these are the moments where you need faith the most. If you are stuck in a pit of despair, don’t let yourself give up. Reach out and call God’s name. He is there right beside you.

Here are some key strategies you can use to help overcome your obstacles with God’s help.

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