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SPIRITUAL GROWTH: A Time of Jubilee to Keep Moving Forward


Dear God, Please help me to never stop laughing.

Father, help me to seek new challenges, challenge new thought, and to never be satisfied with the mundane or common.  Help me to never give up, yield your principles, or surrender what I know to be right or fail to admit when I am wrong.

Lord, please help me to remember that it is never too late to meet someone new, to learn a new skill, or turn things around.  For this is a day that you have made and all I need is encouragement, a smile, a, “thank you”, and to know that I am appreciated and valued. 

Help me to always trust you, to rely on your word, to celebrate you as my God… and above all to lean on you more with each passing day.  Help me to love you more with each passing day, and above all else to lean on you, knowing, believing, trusting, that you always keeps your promises. And that you love me and have good in store for me.

Thank you Father, thank you O Holy One, praise you our Divine friend, praise you in all the earth for you and you alone are worthy.  In the blessed name of  Jesus the Messiah, I ask this, Amen

Life is not predictable. There are ups and downs along the way. Many of us want to trust God. When times are good, it can feel easier. But when times feel difficult, it is even more important to trust God. God’s unchanging character can give us a firm foundation when things feel unsteady and uncertain.

Life can be going along smoothly for a season. Your job is satisfying. Your friends and family are enjoyable. Your goals, finances, health and outlook seem bright. Then, all of a sudden, life throws a curveball. Someone you know gets sick. You lose your job. A friend or family member betrays you. The things you felt secure in all of a sudden feel shaky and uncertain.

How do you trust that God is good in these circumstances? How do you trust Him when you do not understand what is happening? When you cannot see a resolution? These are valid questions, and God wants to help you navigate them.

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