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The All-Conquering Christ Is on Board


Oh, Child of God, whatever storm you are in, you must know that Jesus is on board, prepared and ready to calm the waters. He is there for your benefit.

The very power that prevents the devil from taking over Heaven, from destroying the Throne of God, is here on Earth for God’s children to use. Jesus told the Father, “I’ll go down and conquer Lucifer; I’ll show people that I’m on board their ship of life. All they have to do is know that I am there, know me in the power of my Resurrection. I will conquer all—death, hell and the grave. I’ll conquer everything.” Why should you doubt? Why should you be afraid when you know you have the all-conquering Christ on board?

What is that something that binds you? Some of you have never been completely free to claim the liberties that are yours today. The peace of mind has been stolen from many; the calm, the Lord’s calm for the human spirit snatched away. Homes have been robbed of God’s peace and left with a fuss and a war.

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