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Stop Answering To Your Past

This week I was talking to a friend who was struggling to put their past behind them. God had been doing amazing things in his life, but he still missed certain aspects of who he used to be.

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Like many of us, he yearned to do things that God had delivered him from. I simply asked him would he rather be a new creature in Christ or go back to being his old self. He was determined to be a new creature, but there were things he missed as well. I believe all of us come to these difficult deciding moments. Some of us even try to go back to old environments God delivered us from.

But when we do that we only find out that God has made us to big or to mature to fit back into those small toxic situations.

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I’m sharing today’s sermon with the ROHO community because it helped convict me to finally move forward. This message is a powerful word that helps us to accomplish the difficult task of permanently leaving our past behind. I hope it will bless you as much as it blessed me.

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