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Into His presence…and the shackles fall off. Into His presence…and the bondages go. We’re battling for our very existence, our very lives in this our final hour. It is the worst time that I’ve ever seen since I received the gift of discerning of spirits. When I first received that gift, all hell boiled over; I had never witnessed anything like it.

And now the gift of miracles is operating more and more; now the great pouring-out of the Spirit is beginning to come; the greatness of God is available to all people who are filled with His Spirit and who want to be filled with His Spirit.

It’s countdown time. Hell is wide awake, every demon on duty. Lucifer is giving orders faster than they can be carried out; he is out to destroy you and your strength, to dilute your faith and your love for God. Day and night he pounds away at you.

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