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Peace, Be Still—Let It Burn on the Altar of Your Heart

Whatever your bondage, lay it out before the Lord, knowing He can break it. All that trouble in mind and spirit, all that hurt inside you—bring it to the Lord. All the weakness of the flesh that you battle to overcome, all of it, all the despair, the tongue, the whole spirit of you, the body, the mind—bring all to the Lord and yield as He says, “Peace, be still.” Tell yourself that Jesus breaks every fetter, and He sets you free through the power in “Peace, be still.” He promised; claim His promise.

He is wonderful in His every way; He is mighty in all His truths; He is courage, not despair; strength, not weakness; joy and laughter, goodness and mercy. He is salvation; He is deliverance.

Let the Lord bring the reality of His “Peace, be still,” into your life now as I pray this prayer with you: Oh, Lord, I bring these bondages; I bring them to you, Lord, and I am believing for you to say, “Peace, be still.” We recognize you to be on our boat, and we are calling on you. We need your help in Jesus’ name. We are in your presence: we delight in your love, oh God. We remember your caresses in the deep valleys, and we remember many storms when peace seemed an impossibility, but you cried, “Peace, be still,” and the storms ceased. You have always stopped the storms when people called on you, nothing doubting. You have never failed, and you won’t fail now. Storms that have raged in lives for years you will calm, oh Lord. Scars, hurts, weaknesses and despair will be covered with your love. In your love, Lord, is our security. In your Word is our understanding. We place our bondage completely into your miracle hands, and in the name of Jesus, trust you for deliverance.

Recognize His presence on board your ship, and get ready for Him to speak the words, “Peace, be still.” Let those words burn upon the altar of your heart and soul; let them burn into your mind, into your innermost being; let them come to you through the Holy Spirit. God is ready to help you. He is the calm for all your storms. He is serenity for your life. Only believe, only believe. He is Peace Be Still.

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