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Breathe in the Miracle of Christmas


Smile as you pray! The Holy Spirit is helping you to breathe the heavens into your soul.

After you spend a little time meditating on the Breath Prayer from the Bible try focusing your prayer on a particular stress or opportunity in your life that needs to be offered to God. To do this simply pray, “Lord as I __________, let it be to me… According to your Word.”

Then see if you can remember to repeat this prayer with a breath now and again as you do what you’re doing throughout the day. In this way, you can devote to the Lord each activity and each interaction with another person.

Try this for a day or a few days. You’ll be amazed at how you begin to experience more of the flow of God’s love, joy, and peace into your life and through you to those around you.

Mary’s prayer of the heart can facilitate the miracle of Christmas for you today!

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