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How to Hear the Voice of God When You Don’t Know Where to Start!


Dear heavenly Father, here I am in your presence.

Fill me with your Spirit and transform me. Give me the gift of hearing and obeying your voice. Let me be in tune with your Holy Spirit that I may hear his call.

Let me not hesitate or be afraid, for when the Lord speaks, his will must be done.

Let me listen to and trust your voice. Teach me to depend completely on you. Let me abandon myself, and present myself, as a living sacrifice to almighty God.

All for the honor and glory of the King of kings.

Accept my prayer, oh loving Father. In the name of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

how to hear the voice of God, when you don’t know where to start can feel discouraging but don’t let it be! God is faithful and he IS speaking to you. Let the tips in this post bring your mind and heart closer to hearing the plans God has for your life!

God’s voice is loving.

God’s voice is forgiving.

God’s voice is confident.

But yet in the middle of our busy, everyday life we have trouble discerning God’s voice from the noise around us. Occasionally his voice comes across loud and clear and there is absolutely no denying that he is guiding you. But most of the time it comes to us as quiet whispers, in the time when we are still.

The only challenge with that is the fact that our days are SO filled! From sunup to sundown, there is nothing but constant busyness.

How can we hear what God has to say when we never sit still?

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