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Prayer: Energy & Strength For The Exhausted


Why Do We Lose Energy So Easily?

We live in a very “busy” world. And we’re given only these fragile, broken vessels to shine.

We’re essentially created with the attraction to sin, and offered a way to freedom by faith. But the road is messy. And we’re not perfect. Anger, shame, sadness, and a slew of perplexing emotions (as well as the troubles we’re promised but can’t predict) can claim our focus.

Newsfeeds, gossip, meanness, murder, and so much more can tap us out emotionally. Deadlines, demands, and diets deplete us physically.

It’s tough in our “have-it-all” and “do-it-all” world to keep giving it all and thrive. We lose energy when overstimulated because it’s how we’re designed. Also, we’re prone to get stuck in habits or routines that aren’t exactly refreshing.

The Bible shows us, however, that a godly life of refreshment is about deciding. It’s making choices that renew our souls.

Revival from the ashes of burnout requires the grace of God. With ourselves, and toward others. And one of the best ways to receive that healing grace is through prayer.

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