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Prayer: Energy & Strength For The Exhausted


4 Refreshing Prayers for Energy When You’re Feeling Burnt Out

God shows us in the Bible that resurrection is in his hands. He draws close to the brokenhearted (Psalm 147:3). He will never leave you in deep waters (Isaiah 43:2). He can restore you even when you’re so burnt out, you’re as “done” as Elijah is 1 Kings 19:4, running in the wilderness from what just might kill him.

Best of all, when you’re completely burnt out, God already knows. He’s patient for you to open the door in prayer, and let him refresh you.

1. Prayer for Energy: A Prayer of Compassion

Dear God, I feel my life is spinning out of control. I have the best intentions, but I wind up feeling resentful, and not in the best state of mind. In all my taking care of others’ needs, will you show me how to care for my own?

I know you don’t desire me to self-destruct in service to others, but rather, to value others as I value myself. I need your guidance on what tasks I can remove from my life, so I can add in some of what delights me.

Put your words in front of me, anywhere I’ll see them, that train me toward your peace. Help me stop condemning myself for not being enough. Soften my heart to care for myself like you do, so that I can be refilled with compassion for others. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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