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The Clock Is Ticking


There are three months left in 2019. That statement could make you feel like time is running out. But when you know that God is on your side you can walk into these three months with confidence.

It doesn’t matter how difficult your year has been. God is able to go exceedingly, abundantly, above in this final quarter.

Today I encourage you to stretch your expectations towards heaven. Believe God for greater as you pray this simple prayer, “God I trust you to order my steps in these next three months…”

5 Bible verses that speak of God’s ever-present help in times of need

The Bible says that God is our ever-present help in times of need. He is the One you can run to and ask for help any time, any day, anywhere you might be, and for any purpose you might need. He won’t just help you in your trouble – He will help you with yourself if you need it.

Are you in need of God’s help right now? The Bible gives us many verses that encourage us to come to Him for help in times of need. Here are some Bible verses you can meditate on to get the encouragement you need to stay positive and hopeful and rely on God for help.

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