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Powerful Prayer For Positive Energy, Health, Wealth and Happiness


Prayer For Positive Energy- Prayer for Motivation and Success

The most powerful prayer I have ever read is “When God is with me, Who can be against me.” After affirming a few days, I realized that I could easily manifest anything if God is with me. I started writing my desire in my own words, in my own way and started affirming in the form of prayers.

Believe me, when you pray in your own words, It reaches faster to Him, He likes his children talking to him in their own words. When you speak in your own word, It’s not the only word that reaches, but also the emotions that you create. Emotions are more powerful than any other word.

Here are some Prayer For Positive Energy, motivation and success:

“Dear God, I know I am the most beloved child of you, I obey all your words, and I believe in you. You send me into this world to Be the most successful being in the entire humanity. Guide me, Bless me and Be with me!”

Prayer for Positive Thinking by bigbraincoach

“Dear Lord, I surrender myself to you, Raise my wisdom and Karma to be the best of me. Please give me the strength to overcome all the challenges and achieve the success I desire to.”

“Dear God, Be with me when I lose all the hope. Hold my hand when I am falling and guide me to walk when there is darkness. You are the one whom I trust and surrender my life to.”

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