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Powerful Prayer For Positive Energy, Health, Wealth and Happiness


Prayer for Healing

In life, many times, you may get mentally, emotionally, and physically hurt. If you don’t heal it on time, you carry that hurt with you every day. If it can affect your soul, Productivity, most importantly, drains your energy and makes you feel sick.

The best way to heal the deepest wound is to ask God. He is the source of energy Who can heal any wound. When you keep yourself in His hand, Miraculous Healing happens.

Be it you, your family, friends, or the entire world, add one line and pray for everyone’s healing energy. This is how you can contribute to making a happy and healthy world.

When you connect your heart to God, The energy gets to start healing your heart and soul. That’s The magic of connecting higher source.

Here are some Prayer For Positive Energy and healing:

“Dear God, Heal my mind, body soul, and make me whole to feel the breath again. Protect me and guide me to walk on your path.”

Prayer for Positive Thinking by bigbraincoach

” Dear God, comfort my heart and soul when I am going through my worst days. Heal the pain I am carrying in my heart and make me Whole again.”

“Dear God, Give me the strength to trust and love again. Heal my Past and make my heart whole again.”

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