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Powerful Prayer For Positive Energy, Health, Wealth and Happiness


Prayer for a Positive Outcome

Many of you might have been working hard but not getting outcomes on time. You may get frustrated, lose hope, and get disappointed. The worst happens when you stop believing in yourself or your potential.

Bhagwat Gita says, Perform your Karma and Don’t wait for fruits. People Work hard and expect results. Those waiting periods create many negative emotions, such as worry, confusion, distrust, etc.

Instead of creating any emotion, Be conscious of praying for your desired result. It increases your faith in God, and the positive energy brings your prayer into reality.

Here are some Prayer For Positive Energy and positive outcome:

“Dear God, I surrender my performance to you. Please provide me the result I am asking you for. Please guide me to Have patience, stay positive, and Live in the present.”Advertisement

Prayer for Positive Thinking by bigbraincoach

“Heavenly Father, Send me the news I am eagerly waiting for. I believe in you, and I put all my heart and soul in front of you. I know that I Have found the most incredible source which fulfills all my desires and keeps me happy.”

Prayer for Good Outcome in Court
Prayer for Positive Thinking by bigbraincoach

Many times we, unfortunately, have to face court cases, and that is heartbreaking. Courte cases doesn’t get solved quickly, and sometimes because of lack of visible proof, the innocent has to suffer.
Here I will say, No matter how challenging a situation or lack of evidence you are going through, believe in the judgment of the Lord. In His court, No innocent get punishment. For all you have to do is, ask him to protect and guide you, also bring the Truth out.

Stay Blessed 

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